Petra Collins’ The Teenage Gaze. 

Part I

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hannah: Surface of Mars, photographed by Mars Express, 25th November 2005.

Image runs from 32°S 201°E about 710 km due south across the Terra Sirenum highlands to 44°S 201°E. The Sirenum Fossae run across the top of the 2nd image. The 5th and 6th images show a central section of the 300 km-wide Newton Crater, including what looks like part of the central peak complex (notice dunes, dark blue, on the left hand side).

Composite of 3 visible light images for colour, and one monochrome image for detail. Colour balance is not naturalistic.

Image credit: ESA. Composite: AgeOfDestruction.

the potential of boys is so magical but the reality is so depressing


Embroidered hand and knitted blood on a machine knitted sweater.

Design: Ýrúrarí

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Bruce Plotkin for Seventeen magazine, October 1980.